Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wish I was in NOLA

I planned for a super productive weekend.  I had a mostly productive weekend.  Trading in a productive Sunday for a fun reading the newspaper at Bruegger's Bagels, walking the dogs and enjoying the gorgeous sunshine, and dinner with Settlers of Catan, a movie and a fire with Craig.  Still multitasking, although without the to-do-list-crossing-off productivity.

Tomorrow, the BCS title game.

Friday, July 29, 2011

The JTs are coming!

Jennifer, Jessica, and Justin are coming to visit.  Jennifer and Justin leave today for an east coast road trip, and Jessica will meet them in PA.

On the agenda once they arrive:

  • Punch brothers concert
  • Harbor Islands
  • Lobster
  • Ice Cream
They are also going skydiving.  I am definitely not!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm back. . .

A quote from an older blog post from a year ago, July 12, 2010:

"I think I want to study elder law in more depth.  Reading Medicare regulations makes me happy.  How many people can truthfully say that?"

It's freaky how things work out.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Goodbye alabamarachelle blog. . .

At least for now.  I'm not good at goodbyes.

Hello New Blog.

I have an emotional connection to you, blogger.  We have had some great times.  But I am no longer feeling it.  And having two blogs makes me feel a bit like I'm in an adulterous relationship.  Its time to pick sides.

Sorry blogger, you will always have a part of my heart.  But let's just be friends.

But, if things don't work out with New Blog, and you are still available, we should totally have another shot.  


Monday, January 10, 2011

Decisions. . .

Should I spend my last week unemployed being productive?

Or watching Gilmore Girls?

Hello 2011

I promise to be nice to you, 2011.
Unless you are mean to me first.  Then I have to reconsider.

I don't have any New Year's Resolutions.  I tend to break them.

I am currently sitting at Bruegger's Bagels.  They just gave me (in return for my offer of money) a sesame bagel slathered with cream cheese.  If I had made any New Year's Resolutions, this exchange would have broken at least one of them.

I will pick up Craig from his work in about an hour and a half.  I will take him to the airport.  (He flies to DC for a work conference thing).  Then, I will go to my new workplace, and formally sign my offer letter.

Hello Corporate World.  I start next Monday.

This is going to be a different year.  Introducing a new corporate world, a commute, and hopefully, a couple of rabbits.

These kind, New Zealand Rabbits.

Craig has been thinking about starting our own rabbitry.  I got on board after eating rabbit stew yesterday.  It was good.  More on that later.  We purchased the rabbit from Stop and Save.  It was incredibly expensive, like 15 bucks a pound.  It tasted like chicken.  

Of course, there are obstacles to raising rabbits.  We have to get the OK from the landlord.  We have to find the rabbits.  And then, there are costs to having a rabbitry. 

Craig's chickens and Rachelle's rabbits.  

I like alliteration.  

Rabbits before chickens, though.  Apparently they are easier to deal with.  Baby steps to homesteading.  

2011 = corporate world by day, farmer by night and weekend.  

I'm going to go crochet now.     

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gluten-free, way to be?

Thanksgiving was wonderful, but somewhere during that weekend I caught a cold/flu.  So that means my time in the lab as a guinea pig for the sleep study is postponed, since I can't enter with a fever.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time googling gluten sensitivity.  I'm fine, but we think Craig may be sensitive or allergic to gluten.  So, here goes a new venture into wheat free cooking.  I'm still going to eat wheat when I'm not with Craig, but going to try out gluten free dinners when we have our meals together.  I didn't realize how many things have gluten in them.  Soy sauce?  Who knew.

So, gluten free means I'm going to try and see if I can use the flour we already have for doggie treats.  I've never made dog treats before, and I don't know why I am intimidated about it, but I am.  My dogs will eat snotty used Kleenex and be happy, why do I fear failing with their treats?

I tried a gluten free peanut butter cookie this afternoon.  FAIL.  Maybe I just have too much of a sweet tooth.  But all natural peanut butter, an egg, some sweetener, and vanilla do not equal deliciousness.  It equals some sort of crumbly blahness.  And I love peanut butter.  Oh well.

Craig returns from DC for a work trip tonight.  Our gluten-free dinner will consist of leftover kale and potato soup with sausage.  It tastes wonderful, and I am excited.  Craig made this soup, though.  I need to get back onto my attempts at cooking.